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I have some blogs (with unimaginative names, sorry)...

And some articles in print magazines...

PHP Architect

I have had a number of PHP-focused articles published in this magazine:

Normalization in Chinese (August 2007)
Using the mbstring extension for working with non-European language. This first part covers character set conversion, normalization in English and Chinese (traditional/simplified, pinyin, hanzi to pinyin).
Normalization in Japanese (September 2007)
Part two of the above article. Normalization in Japanese (kana, romaji, kanji), validation in Japanese (katakana, phone numbers) and form localization.
Optimizing into C++ (October 2007)
Shows how to take a text manipulation PHP script and make it run faster, and use less memory, by rewriting it in C++. Also introduces C++ equivalents (mainly in boost) of key PHP functions.
Step-By-Step Regex (August 2009)
A fun article trying to help you get past the initial regex learning curve so you can start to use their magic in your own scripts.
Firefox For Control Freaks (March 2010)
Using three firefox plugins (MozRepl, HttpFox, Selenium), along with PHP, to mine data from modern dynamic web pages full of javascript, cookies, ajax, even flash, as well as control the browsers in any way you wish.
Back issues in pdf format can be purchased at the magazine's web site. (Print issues of some issues may still be available too.)

C/C++ Users Journal

(before C/C++ Users Journal got absorbed into Dr.Dobbs.)

Flash, Ming & C++ (December 2004)
An article on using ming and C++ to make flash swfs. Completely out of date now, but for what it is worth the full text is available at that URL.
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