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These pages serve two purposes: download links for some open source computer go code and articles on computer go. My aim is to keep the article quality high, meaning I will not be posting very often. I have been working on computer go on and off for almost 15 years, have come up with many wild and varied ideas, and would like to think that, like Edison, I am running out of ways to fail. But I suspect I am not (running out, that is). So I will try and restrain myself and not write an article every time I think I have solved go.

If you do not know what computer go is, and why it is an iceberg that has punctured the ego of many a fine programmer, I suggest you start with the wikipedia article. And if you are serious then read the computer go mailing list archives. No, all of them. Trust me, just about every brilliant idea you will come up with has already been discussed. More than once.


  • NEW!The Shodan Go Bet!
    (A bet I made with John Tromp that he wouldn't be beaten by a computer before 2011; you can also vote with your opinion.)
  • The Problem With Random Playouts
    Keywords: Monte-carlo, UTC, playouts, light, heavy.
  • Paper: A Human-Computer Team Experiment for 9x9 Go (PDF, 280KB)
  • Annotated Presentation (PDF, 1.2MB)
    Peer-reviewed paper, presented at Computer Games 2010
    Published by Springer.
    Keywords: multi-agent decision algorithms, human-computer interaction, team play, unbalanced quiescence search, opening book, 9x9 go komi
  • Downloads

    Coming Soon.

    The Game Of Go

    Want to learn more about the game of go? See a good range of go books at the GoGameGuru bookshop. For a complete beginner Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game looks good. If you've learnt the rules and now want to start winning games, my suggestion is to better at tesuji and life and death with a good problem book. I'd suggest Get Strong at Tesuji as I like the six problems to a page format, with stars to indicate the difficulty.

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