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A Human-Computer Team Experiment for 9x9 Go


This is a paper presented at the Computer Games 2010 conference. Here is the abstract:

Monte Carlo Tree Search has given computer go a significant boost in strength the past few years, but progress seems to have slowed, and once again we have to ask ourselves how can computers make effective use of the ever-increasing computer power. In 2002 we started a human-computer team experiment with very long thinking times and no restrictions on procedure, to see how strong such a team could be. We will introduce our experimental method and show the results so far.
Download the paper (312Kb, PDF)

NEW! (Nov 2010) The presentation slides, including my notes (1.2MB, PDF), are now available too. This was presented on September 24th, 2010, in Kanazawa, Japan and was intended to complement the paper, not regurgitate it. It is more informal and also introduces more recent work.

The experimental data, and some of its offshoots are found at 9x9 Go Experiments and your help analyzing/improving that data is welcome; or simply try it in your program and let me know if it helps! Some additional information (basically stuff that wouldn't fit in the paper; currently with no organization, and not updated since May 2010) is found on the sm9 experiment page.

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