Some people have asked for a way to show gratitude for when I've helped them with a problem, added a feature to an open source project, or just written a blog post that allowed them to get home on time! Well, I would have done it anyway, but a big thank-you to anyone who decides to use this form!
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(BTW, this website is getting seriously old, and not a good example of my skills... get in touch to see my more recent stuff!)

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Other Skills And Experience

(English-Japanese-German-Chinese-Arabic dictionary: an open source collaborative project.)

Summary of my various blogs, paper publications, etc.

Family photo, Fuji-san, Aug 2004

Disneyland, Oct 2004

Mountain Running, Gym, Yoga, Aikido

Go (the board game)

NEW! The Shodan Go Bet!

Computer Go Pages (articles, open source downloads).

Forests, Gardening

Reading, Writing
Read my book reviews.

Mysticism, zen, meditation

Programming, see:
My Tech Interests

My 1992/1993 round-the-world trip


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