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MLSN-owned Data

These are csv data snapshots of the portion of the MLSN databases that are covered by the MLSN license (see the readme.txt in the downloaded tgz file for more details). To recreate the full MLSN database you would need to merge this data with that from some external sources (see below).

Full Data

These are csv data snapshots of the entire MLSN databases, as used on this site. They are provided as a convenience for quick evaluation of the data if you go through all setup steps. They include data that was either taken directly from external copyrighted (but open source) sources (see below), or was automatically generated using such data sources (whether the original copyright still applies when it was just used as one of multiple data sources in a learning/training process is open to question; we take a cautious approach here and always flag it, just in case). By downloading the "all" version you agree that you will read and obey all license restrictions of the data sources in question.

External Sources

External sources, that are used in the data shown on the MLSN web site, but that are not included in the MLSN-owned data dump are identified by the comment field, as follows.

wWordNet (Princeton English WordNet) (
wnjaJapanese WordNet (
awnArabic WordNet(
ja1h/ja1mwikipedia interwiki links, jmdict (
jm1h/jm1m(old name for jm1h/jm1m)
zh1h/zh1mwikipedia interwiki links, cedict ( or
de1h/de1mwikipedia interwiki links, BeoLingus (, download from

For the relations table the "source" field identifies any external sources. The only external source used currently is:

wWordNet (Princeton English WordNet) (

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