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Privacy Policy

The web site makes a number of log files so I wanted to clarify what data will be made public and what will not.

If anything is unclear please let me know.

The Database (Public)

Everything you type into the edit form, including the comments, is saved into the database. And everything in the database will be published.

Nothing else is saved in the database. For instance your username, IP address and the date and time of your edit, are not saved in the database, and therefore will not be part of any public release.

The Log Files (Private)

Naturally there is a web server log: all page requests are recorded. These logs are never made public (and are deleted automatically after some period of time).

In addition search queries are logged, with your IP address and username, and with how many results were returned. This is for my personal use to see what people are searching for and what is not being found. This log file is never made public. The search queries may be aggregated and shown on a list of words needing translation, but they will never be associated with your IP address or username.

Edits are recorded as the actual SQL query performed, with your IP address and username. This log file is never made public. This is partly so if there is abuse I can track it down, partly for debugging problems, and partly so I can regenerate the database after deleting abuse or after a server crash.

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