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More On Relations

For 06car0 you will see its parent is "motor vehicle", and that it has children such as ambulance, bus, convertible, etc. In addition there is a "Has Part" listing things that cars contain, such as air bag, car door, car mirror, etc. You will also see a "Domain Terms: Topic" section which are words related to cars but not covered by the other types of relations, such as rental.

The unique codes used are very similar to those used in WordNet.

More On Comments

When you are editing an entry, but are not 100% confident you can write something in the comment field.

A comment of just "w" means it came directly from WordNet and has not been modified. Most of the English entries fall in to this category.

If you see other short codes, such as jm1h or de1m, it means it was matched using artificial intelligence guessing, and may not be accurate ("h" at the end means high confidence, "m" means medium confidence; low confidence matches did not get imported). If you know for sure the guess is correct you can edit the entry to remove this code.

More On Square Brackets

In the list of synonyms you may see text in square brackets. For Japanese this is the furigana (pronounciation). For Chinese this is the pinyin (pronounciation). For German this is the gender (m for male, n for neuter, f for female).

If your search word is found, you will see a screen like on the left. Here you can view existing synonyms and translations, input new ones, and explore relations between words.

In the main table the columns are the languages, and the rows are each of the different word meanings (also called "synonym sets" or "synsets").

Move the mouse over a table cell to see more information on it, in the form on the right. Click the cell to be able to edit that information.

1 Switch user interface language here. This does not affect the search, just column headings, error messages, and so on.
2 Start a new search (or modify your current one) using this search box.
3 When multiple matches are found you can scroll through them here.
4 The code in the left column is the unique name of this particular meaning. If you click it the page will switch to show the relations of this word. See "More On Relations" on the left.
5 The graph link will show a Flash page with a visual representation of the related words. (This feature is currently experimental.)
6 When you move the mouse over a table cell you can see more information here. Gloss is a linguist's word meaning the dictionary definition. There may also be example usage sentences. For the comments field see "More On Comments" to the left.
7 These are the synonyms. Also see "More On Square Brackets" on the left. If you see "(no entry)" it means we have no translation for that language yet. Your help in filling in these blanks is much appreciated.
8 These are links to search other dictionaries (both internal and external) and search engines. They always open in new windows. Their purpose is to help suggest translations and synonyms. See the key under the table for more details.
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