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Darren's Travels To U.S.A.

I landed in Los Angeles on 25th May 1993, tired and jet-lagged. Visited Venice Beach and Hollywood, then took the coach to San Francisco. Then up to the Redwood National Park. Saw the tallest trees in the world on a beautifully damp day.

Then a 24-hr coach journey down to San Diego, where I stayed with Shirley (my Dad's cousin) and Pipsi for a few days, and got mothered and fed well. Then I started my 14 day coach pass and went first to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Then to Las Vegas (didn't gamble, but did enjoy the cheap food) and then on to Washingon via Denver and Chicago. Finally on to New York, and caught the flight back to London on 13th June.

I met a few people but did not really make any friends, except for Shirley and Pipsi. I think I was worn out by this point, just holding myself together long enough to get home.

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