Flash Charting: Demo "102" Screenshots

This demo is derived from a commercial project to create a fully fledged charting package for professional traders. It uses flash with XML sockets to push ticks (from four different exchanges) to the users as they happen and update the charts in real-time. Here are screenshots of some key functionality. If you are interested in learning more about this demo please let me know.

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1hr candles with study and overlay One Hour Candlesticks

This shows one hour candlesticks (the menu has been hidden), with a 100 hour SMA, and 20 hour bollinger bands (shown as a green overlay instead of just lines). The chart at the bottom is the corresponding fast stochastics.

5m candles Five Minute Candlesticks

The control panel on the left toggles on and off. The current five minute period is being summarized dynamically in the white candlestick you can see at the far right. Left and right arrows allow you to scroll back to see older data.

bars with drawing and news Bars With Drawing And News

This shows bars (instead of candlesticks), a fibonacci retracement, and a trend line being drawn (using the mouse) at the top. It also shows the economic news window at the bottom (which, like the charts, updates in real-time).

5m candles Hourly Highs Line Charts

Here the high prices, for each hour, are plotted as a line chart. Fibonacci retracements are shown on top (the bottom and top lines show high and low over the whole chart; we are plotting highs which is why the line chart does not touch the bottom fibonacci line).

Daily Columns Daily Columns With Gann Line

The columns here are showing open price. A 45 degree gann line has been drawn on top.

Daily point and figure Daily Point And Figure

A different charting style, with variable width time axis.


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