Some people have asked for a way to show gratitude for when I've helped them with a problem, added a feature to an open source project, or just written a blog post that allowed them to get home on time! Well, I would have done it anyway, but a big thank-you to anyone who decides to use this form!
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I am a software researcher and developer, working freelance, with nearly twenty years professional experience. If you have an interesting project I would be very happy to discuss it with you.

I have worked with a wide range of clients (from one-man start-ups to multinationals), on diverse applications (from arcade games to financial industry data mining to parsing natural language) in numerous computer languages so I am confident I can handle any challenge you throw at me.

I live in Tokyo, Japan, and speak, read and write Japanese (I have done many web forms, search engines, back-end databases and email broadcast systems for Japanese clients). To learn more about my skills and experience:

Tech Skills And Experience (Multiple pages)
Tech Skills And Experience (One long page)
Other Skills And Experience
Linked-In Endorsements
Work Experience (formal)
My Blogs/Articles
Flash Charting Demos
MLSN (an English-Japanese-German-Chinese-Arabic dictionary:
     an open source collaborative project to create a Multi-Lingual Semantic Network)

I normally work at an hourly rate, or by giving a fixed price and deadline for a project. I give free quotes (the first quote may be to help you put together a proper project description and technical requirements document if your requirements are not yet clear).

I keep to the deadlines I give (meaning I will turn down your project if I am not confident I can do it within the deadline you give). I document well the projects I work on, and actually enjoy this (at least, more than most developers).

If bugs turn up in code I have written, at any time, I will fix them for free (assuming it was a fixed price project). Wherever possible I will give bug-fixing work priority. For changes outside the original specification I will give a quote.

I do not do graphical design but can put you in touch with top class designers. I also know programmers, translators and other specialists and will consider doing the project management for larger projects.


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