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Intelligent Search/Keyword Suggestion/Multilingual Search Engine

Keywords: semantic network, search engine, Namazu, Chasen, keyword, advertising, synonyms, quick, intelligent, spam classification, open source intelligence, SQL, Japanese, Chinese, German, English, Arabic, data scientist, data analyst

Intelligent search is a key interest of mine; it ties in closely with my interests in machine translation and computer go, and artificial intelligence generally.

Most current search technology relies on an exact match. As a simple example if you search for "woodland" you do not get pages about "forests". MLSN, in conjunction with other technology I have developed, can be used to improve search engine results, by discovering the meaning behind the words: both the words in the search query, and the words on the pages being indexed.

The same techniques that apply to searching the web, and searching within a web site, can also apply to realms such as diverse as spam detection, open source intelligence, advertiser keyword suggestion, and data validation.

My work allows a high level of intelligence and usefulness not just in English, but (currently) also in Japanese, Chinese, German and Arabic. If you would like to learn more please get in touch.

I have used these intelligent search techniques, the open source MLSN database, Namazu (an open source search engine tailored for Japanese), chasen (a Japanese morphological analyzer) and other tools and data sources, in a number of commercial projects, including some for very large sites, and including dynamic database-backed web sites.


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