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Javascript, AJAX, jQuery For Complex User Interfaces

Keywords: Javascript, ajax, jquery, browser, web applications, HTML5, css, css3, user interface, client, server

I've been writing Javascript since it was introduced, to add dynamic client-side aspects to websites, long before the days of AJAX. (I would really be dating myself if I were to boast I once created a really cool animated demo using layers and javascript in Netscape 4... yep, the late nineties. So I won't mention that.) Naturally I have also been writing websites using AJAX techniques for a number of years.

Nowadays I am a big fan of jQuery. Not only has it simplified the syntax, but it also almost completely removed the need to think about browser portability issues. I've written a few small jQuery plugins and naturally they are released under a liberal open source license.

Of course I am familiar with HTML5 and CSS (including CSS3). I have also been working on my design skills the past few years, and my photoshopping skills, but I make no claims to be a professional graphic designer.

I've also used made AJAX-like sites in Flash. Compared to Flash, what I like about AJAX is that front-end forms are easier to write and smoother (Flash is weak on forms and user interface controls, compared to HTML). Advantages of Flash are that it can do not just data-pull but also data-push (*) communication (vital in financial industry applications, for instance), and it is more efficient than Javascript (resulting in a smoother user experience when the animations or calculations are complex). (*: WebSockets does not look like it will be coming to the major browsers any time soon.)


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