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Mail Broadcast System

Keywords: email, HTML, mobile, keitai, tracking, demographic analysis, data mining, marketing, PHP, Java

Over ten years ago, I designed and was lead programmer on a system that took demographic information about a user from a back-end database and then created and sent a custom email (HTML or text; mobile phone email also supported). At the time this was the most sophisticated system of its kind. It was mostly used to send Japanese emails, and naturally coped with the complexities of Japanese email and various character set standards.

It tracked email bounces, links (and views in the case of HTML), and produced reports cross-referencing demographics with link clicks and other demographics. It allowed the creation of custom reports, data screens and campaign targeting based on not just demographics but also user activity in previous campaigns. It was commonly integrated with the back-end databases for web sites.

The system was called PEP and was developed for FlyingColor Group. Most of the system development was in PHP, but there was also been some work in java. The system was used for a large number of campaigns, promotions and newsletters over a period of 7-8 years.


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