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Darren Cook <darren@dcook.org>

Open Source Software

Keywords: mlsn, fclib, dcflash, library, semantic network, PHP, actionscript, charting, statistics, javascript

I am a keen supporter of open source software, and make small contributions to numerous projects. I also maintain the following projects:

  • FCLIB: a mixed bag of PHP classes and functions
  • MLSN: Multi-Lingual Semantic Network (or more modestly, a Japanese thesaurus)
  • dcflash: An actionscript utility library, with focus on chart drawing and statistical analysis

I always use an MIT or BSD license for my open source projects, believing in the importance of freedom and the natural willingness of users to submit improvements, without the strong-arming of the GPL "virus" and similar licenses. When open source first became popular I did not really care, but I have become more and more convinced of the importantance of maximum freedom (over many years of having to reinvent libraries that were unusable in a project solely because they are GPL).


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