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Work: Other Skills And Experience

This page is a mixed bag of non-technical skills and experience, in no particular order.

Documentation. I am a competent documenter; I err on the side of long comments in source code, and have written many how-to and installation documents. I have used phpDocumentor (PHP), Doxygen (C++ and others) and Javadoc (Java) to generate documentation in HTML, PDF and other formats.

Testing. I enjoy writing unit tests for code, and have written test suites for libraries and applications. In addition I test thoroughly and seem to be good at finding bugs that other people miss (or in other words, I'm good at breaking things...).

Business. I was CTO at FlyingColor Group for two years (2000 to 2002) which gave me experience in administration, hiring, budgeting, contracting for technical services, training in latest technologies and so on.

Marketing. I have lots of experience working on marketing and branding promotions. I can understand what the marketing people are saying and be able to implement it with relatively few misunderstandings. Yet, I have managed to retain the ability to enjoy a good Dilbert cartoon.

Finance. I have a solid understanding of stock markets and the finance industry (using data mining and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze financial data is a particular interest of mine).

Multi-lingual. I can edit and proof-read English. My Japanese reading is strong, and my listening and speaking skills are good enough for business meetings and to enjoy (!) Japanese TV. I speak, read and write basic Chinese and German.

Entrepreneur. From early 1997 until mid-1999 I designed, developed and marketed an on-line English teaching system called NetSchool. The technical side was well done and interesting (adapting automatically to the individual student's weaknesses), but ultimately it was a failure, primarily due to lack of capital to allow proper marketing. It taught me much about web sites, getting investment and marketing. Earlier, from 1989 to 1995 I started and ran a small games production company, called Druid Games.


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