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Darren Cook <darren@dcook.org>

Server/Network Administration

Keywords: web server, cluster, load balancer, mail server, SQL database, database replication, router, firewall, high availability, cisco, linux, redhat, fedora, Windows, Sun, BSD

I have setup and maintained numerous Linux servers, running busy production web sites, as well as DNS, database, mail and other servers. Usually running some version of Redhat, Fedora Core, Ubuntu or Debian. I have also worked with Sun and BSD machines in the past and have maintained a Cisco 2600 router/firewall for a couple of years (many years ago). In addition I have setup Linux machines as firewalls and routers when the budget didn't stretch to dedicated hardware. In the distant past I have worked with Windows web servers.

I have setup LAN monitoring and alerts (to email and mobile phone), and have optimized machines and server software for large loads. I have a solid understanding of load balancers, server clusters and database replication. I have studied for the Cisco exams, and have good understanding of router setup and routing protocols (I have not actually taken the Cisco exams).

Note: I am no longer actively chasing server administration work, preferring to focus on software design and coding. My intention here is merely to show I have practical experience with the internet at all levels.


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