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Flash Video Kiosk

Keywords: Flash 8, Actionscript 2, XML, embedded fonts, projector, Screenweaver, mtasc, swfmill, video, flash memory leak workaround, socket server, php, legacy application, SJIS, UTF8

I have created a very flexible video kiosk for one client. It was tied to a music playlist coming from a legacy application. On the server side I wrote a socket server (in PHP) to interface with this legacy application and then be an XML socket server for the front-end clients, which used Flash. Part of the job of the back-end was to convert the Japanese text from Shift-JIS to UTF-8 encoding. Both back and front ends ran on Windows.

On the same project I worked on the actionscript for the front-end flash client. This was primarily for handling parsing of data files and screen transitions, driven by the playlist coming from the back-end. Functionality included text handling in English, Japanese and Chinese; full-screen video; embedded animations; screen transitions; etc.

I used Actionscript 2 and then Actionscript 3 for this project, using mtasc and swfmill.

I also used Screenweaver, which is a tool to turn a swf file into a Windows exe; it is more useful than the projector that flash can make as you can add custom actionscript commands to control window size and visibility. The primary use of Screenweaver in this project was to allow the flash window to be invisible initially while the fonts loaded and it connected, and to position itself on a 2nd monitor (a wide-screen TV).


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